Application Procedure
  • Pre-requisite for Construction of house
    • Title to land
    • Construction, minimum up to plinth with DPC
    •  Proof of income
    • Age

    For non-professionals (Minimum 18, Maximum 60 years)
    For professionals (Minimum 18, Maximum 65 years)



    • The Customer is required to visit concerned Service Representative or Branch Office with all original documents and a set of photocopies, CNIC, 3 color passport size photograph (recent), credit card no. and NTN Number (if applicable).
    • The customer’s documents shall be verified.
    • The customer will be interviewed by the Branch Manager. 
    • The customer’s application will be processed after payment of required fee via pay order.
    • Legal verification of title documents will be conducted.
    • Customer Relation Officer (CRO) will record applicant's particulars in an application form electronically and a copy would be kept by the customer.
    • The customer’s income will be verified.
    • Credit worthiness & history will be checked through e-CIB, Data Check and News Vis.


    Proof of Income

    This document will determine the customer’s eligibility for a loan and his capability to return loan payment.


    Click on the relevant link below relating to your income:

    • Salaried / Self-employed and Business limit  
    • Agricultural Income


    Steps after Sanction of Investment:

    • Issuance of acceptance letter (the customer should carefully read the terms of sanction letter and give consent by signing the document)
    • Inspection of the house, apartment or site would be implemented by HBFCL authorized officer to ensure the stage construction is in accordance with the specifications mentioned in the sanction letter.
    • Photography of the site
    • The third installment will be released after satisfactory site inspection by the PBA approved Valuators  or by the representative of the zonal Office.
    • Conformity of construction with approved building plan will be checked.
    • The customer via standing order or debit advice to the bank  can transfer the monthly installment's amount to HBFCL. Post dated cheques are acceptable where debit instruction facility is not available.
    • The customer will provide the insurance premium's paid receipt of advance 12/24 months as the case may be.
    • Promissory Note and Letter of Continuity to be signed by the customer.
    • Undertakings by applicant(s), co-applicant(s) and guarantor(s).  


    HBFCL disbursement

    On completion of above process, investment shall be released to the customer in installments according to the stage of construction and specifications of sanction letter.

    HBFCL Equitable Mortgage

    HBFCL equitable mortgage is available in the leasehold residential properties in urban cities on the following basis:

    • High market value with memorandum of deposit of title deeds.
    • Red entry on record of rights
    • General Power of Attorney in lieu of HBFCL


    HBFCL Registered Mortgage

    Available to purchase a house & apartment:

    • The maximum age of the house having ‘A’ Class construction should not exceed 45 years (from the date of approved building plan)
    • Investment may be made at all coastal areas except for the front row of Sea View Township and Darakhshan Villas, Clifton Karachi.
    • House purchase product is available in Urban Area at district quarter & “Tehsil” on the basis that construction should be “A” Class & all basic amenities should be available. The value of the house as per existing policy has been evaluated from the PBA approved Valuators.
    • Sale agreement, title deed, Valuation and soundness certificate from an approved architect will be required. Investment shall be released in one installment. The cheque will be delivered in the presence of Sub-Registrar at the time of execution of Islamic Housing Finance Agreement.
  • Application Processing Fee

    Payment in pay order to HBFCL is accepted. Following are the rates for processing fee as per the tiers:

    Applications Up to
    Rs.300,000      Applications Above
    Rs.300,000 & up to  Rs.500,000         Applications Above
    Rs.500,000 & up to
    Rs.1,000,000   Applications Above
    Rs.1,000,000 & up to
    Rs.2,500,000   Applications Above 
    Rs.5,000/-       Rs.7,000/-       Rs.10,000/-     Rs.15,000/-     Rs.25,000/-

    Registration fee, stamp duty, or any other fees is payable on registration of documents as per Islamic Housing Finance Agreement. Please note that as we are a Shariah Complaint organization, our fees are listed & not hidden as Non -Shariah Complaint Banks do. Our pricing is the same, however we are Islamically bond to keep you informed.

    Processing fee does not include external agency charges for Valuation  which will be borne by the customer and payable to the former directly through the Branch Manager.

  • Proof of Income

    Income from Salary

    • There is no income limit for eligibility, but it should be adequate to obtain required investment.
    • Income through regular employment should be proven by an employer certificate + Bank Statement (where applicable).
    • Income through business or profession, if below the taxable limit, should be declared through an affidavit.


    Agricultural Income

    • The annual estimated agricultural income from land held beyond tax exempted limit must be supported by Usher payment receipt.
    • Income per acre in respect of canal /tube-well irrigated land should be assessed on the basis of income certificate obtained from Revenue Department.


    Self employed and business group

    • Income through poultry, fish, cattle farms and orchids will be assessed through physical verification of business site,  bank statement, annual turn over and ownership/rental agreement of property.


  • Ghar Aasan Flexi Scheme >> Salary Certificate

    Salary/Income Certificate

      This is to certify that Mr./Ms/Mrs ____________ s/o, d/o, w/o Mr._________________ holding C.N.I.C No.______________ is in our permanent/temporary employment. His/her monthly salary is as under:



    Basic Pay




    Total Allowance & Perquisite




    Gross Salary








    Net Monthly Salary



    In addition to above, he/she is entitled to yearly bonus equal to _______ gross salary/basic pay, if bonus is declared by the Management.

     This is to certify that he/she has drawn Rs.________ as House Building advance from the department against mortgage dated ____________ in respect of plot/house registered in Sub-Registrar Office _________________.

    Signature/official seal of Head of the Department ______________________


    Name ______________________


    Designation ______________________


    Date ______________________



    I/We __ S/O, D/O, W/O _ , Muslim, adult, CNIC NO.(s) R/O hereby solemnly affirm and state as under:-


    1. That I/We have applied to House Building Finance Company Ltd. for investment of Rs________          for purchase/construction/renovation of house/apartment on plot No.              Sub-Plot No.               located at ______          with existing, market value of Rs       ___ _ (Rupees)
    2. That I/We have adequate means to pay monthly installment of rent and to purchase investment units of the Company (at agreed price on agreed dates)
    3. That I/We shall pay monthly installment of rent regularly and purchase investment units as per agreed terms and in case of default, I shall be liable to be under the law to discharge my/our obligations to repay HBFCL investment as per terms and conditions of Islamic Housing Finance Agreement. 
    4. That whatever stated above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.  


    1. ______________
    2. ______________
    3. ______________
    4. ______________
    5. ______________
    6. ______________


    WITNESSES Deponent(s)


    1. Name __________________________
      NIC No. __________________________
      Signature __________________________



    2. Name __________________________
      NIC No. __________________________
      Signature __________________________
  • Documentation

    Varies according to the title of the property as follows:

    • Schedule – I       Free Hold Property
    • Schedule - II      Government/ Private Scheme
    • Schedule – III    Lease Deed / Cantonment Scheme



    Before applying  HBFCL investment, one is required to get these documents prepared from the relevant agency independently, without any reliance on HBFCL.



    Schedule – I       Free Hold Property

    • Sale Deed
    • Certified Copy of Sale Deed
    • Mutation
    • Jamabandi
    • Aks-e-Shajra
    • Demarcation report from Tehsildar
    • N.E.C. (Non Encumbrance Certificate)
    • PT-1/Clearance Certificate
    • Approved Building Plan with approval letter
    • Income Proof
    • Photocopy of NIC / CNIC
    • Three color passport size photographs of the applicant (s)
    • Three color passport size photographs of guarantor(s) and/attorney if any.
    • Any other documents required by the office.


    Schedule – II      Government/ Private Schemes

    • Sale Agreement (Reg/Sale Deed)
    • Transfer letter
    • Permission to Assign/Mortgage
    • Possession Slip
    • Site Plan
    • N.E.C. (Non Encumbrance Certificate)
    • Approved Building Plan with approval letter.
    • Income Proof
    • Photo copy of NIC / CNIC
    • Three color passport size photographs of the applicant (s).
    • Three color passport size photographs of guarantor(s) and/ attorney if any.
    • Any other documents required by the office


    Schedule – III       Lease Deed / Cantonment Scheme 

    • Lease Deed (Regd.)
    • G.L.R.
    • Permission to Assign/Mortgage
    • N.E.C. (Non Encumbrance Certificate)
    • Approved Building Plan with approval letter.
    • Income Proof
    • Photocopy of NIC / CNIC
    • Three colored passport size photographs of the applicant (s).
    • Three colored passport size photographs of guarantor(s) and/ attorney if any.



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